February 16, 2017

Our Experience

In the context of the forthcoming introduction of automatic exchange of banking information between the tax authorities of many countries in 2017 (OECD Standard for Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information in Tax Matters), as well as the conditions of tax co-operation which had already begun between EU countries, including almost all the major offshore jurisdictions (OECD Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters), solutions and experience of our professionals in the U.S. are the determining factors for the safety of corporate business and its beneficial owners.

We have fundamentally new financial solutions for your business.

All current international tax solutions in the European business should be revised in order to reduce tax risks and to bring existing business schemes of work in line with the rapidly changing national and international tax law. To perform these tasks you will need true professionals in the field of Banking Compliance, tax and capital management. If you have understanding and you are concerned about export-import operations with goods or services, international tax planning, Controlled transactions (transfer pricing deals), offshore bank and brokerage accounts, international holding companies and investment structuring, Einzel will become your reliable and trusted partner, which can conduct an external audit of your business and provide advice in specific topics in which many others are not professionals. The world is rapidly changing and your business can meet the newest trends with Einzel.

Our main activity is the development of financial flow solutions within multinational holding companies, as well as the creation of complex structured products as special SPV companies for trade and investment, holding of corporate and financial assets (structuring of business ownership, securities and derivative instruments, possession of accumulated cash means). Our instruments are professional tax and financial management, huge experience in the sphere of international investment and tax law, hundreds of successful projects in the field of creation of SPV companies, personal and corporate income tax planning, establishment of investment and private funds for the corporate structuring purposes, asset protection, tax risk reduction due to upcoming automatic exchange of financial information between tax authorities of different countries.

Einzel is well known for extensive support of its customers in the following industries:

•  Licensed financial and investment companies and its clients, securities transactions
•  Energy, industry and construction companies
•  Telecommunications and media companies
•  Enterprises of transport (road and maritime transport)
•  Hospitality business
•  Maintenance services and leasing companies
•  Trade enterprises with foreign trade activities
•  Franchising and intellectual property management, IT integrators and software developers, processing
•  Insurance business