February 16, 2017

About Us

Einzel is an expert in the field of tax planning, structuring, asset protection and business management in Austria, Romania and the United States.

Einzel’s professional management in the U.S., Romania and Austria allows you to create and administer companies in these countries, choose the right tax regime for their work, quickly interact with tax, customs and other regulatory authorities on all emerging issues.

Our primary tools are financial and tax planning. Keen use of these tools can increase profitability of your business by several times and improve its efficiency by optimizing the structure of current assets and temporary available funds.

We have certified auditors in KWT (Die Kammer der Wirtschaftstreuhänder) and AICPA (The American Institute of CPA’s), specialists in the field of stock market and capital raising, licensed traders, German, English, Romanian and Russian speaking trusted tax and business consultants from US, Romania and Austria.

Einzel’s fundamental principles are Experience – Uniqueness – Responsibility.

Since foundation, our company focuses on individual and selective approach to every client, creating our own style of tax and financial services together with the joint cooperation with our strategic partners in banking sector, stock market and capital management. Thanks to our partners, many of our clients have already received comfortable financial infrastructure and have successful experience of stock market investments, cooperation with professional fund managers, project financing for their business, various bank credit instruments, as well as other additional benefits of working with us. Therefore, a special place in Einzel’s activity is devoted to individual money and asset management – a complex of high-quality services, covering all aspects of client’s financial life, beginning from financial investments and proper tax planning and ranging to financial declaration of future investment incomes and legal business support.

Every business is unique and tax planning of financial strategy “architecture” must take into account not only the individual specifics of each business but also the possible related tax risks. That is why the services in the field of tax and financial management should be trusted, long-term and strategical. Any advice in this sphere requires clear, honest and professional knowledge and experience. It’s a matter of honor for us to fully meet our client’s requirements and ensure an individual approach. We work not for time spending, as most consultants do, but for the real result. Combining Austrian reliability with attention to detail, together with you, we can achieve brilliant results.

We can achieve more together!