February 16, 2017

Asset Management

Einzel together with its financial partners, implements investment projects in various financial instruments and securities on the regulated stock markets with special privileged conditions for its customers (low brokerage and custodian fees, low interest rates on lending and funding). We have successful projects devoted to attraction of project funding, funding for banks and non-banking lending, creation of personal investment institutions complying with the legislation regime of controlled foreign companies (CFC):

•  Live and functioning finance attraction setups
•  Creation of collective and personal investment vehicles
•  Licensed financial advisory company related to Einzel to preform broker and dealer activities on the regulated stock markets
•  Professional fund managers with more than ten-year experience in financial markets
•  Research, market news and stock market analytics
•  Related custodian and licensed depositories and financial companies

Einzel provides services for corporate and tax structuring of investments and, as well as tax planning and organization of investment process when investing in infrastructure projects and capital markets.

Our corporate structures with the use of investment funds and SPVs can give you:

•  Flexible management of all investment projects (if more than one) in the composition of the fund
•  Diversification of business
•  Substantial tax incentives in the preparation and distribution of investment income
•  Establishment and monitoring of the fund through a personal management company or utilization of these services with the help of a licensed adviser (Einzel’s partner)
•  Reduction of the client’s risks for upcoming exchange of financial information between states
•  Ability to invest in a particular projects without the risk of corporate value-added in the composition of assets of the subsidiaries (including foreign companies included in the corporate structure), as the investment fund mechanism involved licensed deposit takers
•  Ability to register security’s listings on recognized stock exchanges and obtain ISIN numbers